versioningit [<options>] [<project-dir>]

When versioningit is installed in the current Python environment, a command of the same name will be available that prints out the version for a given versioningit-enabled project (by default, the project rooted in the current directory). This can be used to test out your versioningit setup before publishing.


-n, --next-version

Instead of printing the current version of the project, print the value of the next release version as computed by the next-version step


Normally, any library errors are shown as just the error message. Specify this option to show the complete error traceback.

-v, --verbose

Increase the amount of log messages displayed. Specify twice for maximum information.

The logging level can also be set via the VERSIONINGIT_LOG_LEVEL environment variable. If both -v and VERSIONINGIT_LOG_LEVEL are specified, the more verbose log level of the two will be used, where one -v corresponds to INFO level and two or more correspond to DEBUG level. (If neither are specified, the default level of WARNING is used.)

-w, --write

Write the version to the file specified in the [tool.versioningit.write] subtable, if so configured