Source code for versioningit.errors

[docs]class Error(Exception): """Base class of all ``versioningit``-specific errors""" pass
[docs]class ConfigError(Error, ValueError): """ Raised when the ``versioningit`` configuration contain invalid settings """ pass
[docs]class MethodError(Error): """Raised when a method is invalid or returns an invalid value""" pass
[docs]class NotVersioningitError(Error): """ Raised when ``versioningit`` is used on a project that does not have ``versioningit`` enabled """ pass
[docs]class NotSdistError(Error): """ Raised when attempting to read a :file:`PKG-INFO` file from a directory that doesn't have one """ pass
[docs]class NotVCSError(Error): """ Raised when ``versioningit`` is run in a directory that is not under version control or when the relevant VCS program is not installed """ pass
[docs]class NoTagError(Error): """Raised when a tag cannot be found in version control""" pass
[docs]class InvalidTagError(Error, ValueError): """ Raised by ``tag2version`` methods when passed a tag that they cannot work with """ pass
[docs]class InvalidVersionError(Error, ValueError): """ Raised by ``next-version`` and ``template-fields`` methods when passed a version that they cannot work with """ pass